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Stars InVISION LLC. A multimedia company, often referred to as 'unparalled' specializing in the fields of Music Production (TV/Film/Games), Animation, Screenwriting, Graphic design/Photography and Project Management.

Our staff consists of innovators, ranging from Music producers, Audio engineers, Instrumentalists, Songwriters, Animators, Voice-over art​ists, Graphic designers, Photographer, Scriptwriters; taking great pride in their respective niche, ultimately resulting in the creation of unforgettable experiences for our clients and audiences. 

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Stars InVision Music for TV/Film/Games

In the ever-evolving world of music production for TV/Film/Games; Stars InVISION LLC, continues to compose and deliver quality scores/cues; creatively tailor-made to suit your production’s needs. We have an astounding team of savvy producers/instrumentalists/songwriters; specialized in their respective genres, inevitably resulting in our ability to leverage a diversified market. We believe that music is the simplest, yet most powerful tool to narrate your story and thus, our every guitar/string/drum/piano/horn melody easily triggers the intended emotions for your scripted visuals. Our music composers adhere to the precise needs of the music supervisors/Film directors/Music licensing libraries that do business with us.

Stars InVision Music for TV/Film/Games

Stars InVISION LLC aspires to inspire, nurture and evoke the feelings defined in each Client’s specifications for their respective visuals. We maintain high proficiency in conceptualization, planning and budgeting score compositions. All scores/cues created under our TV/Film/Game division are 100% original. All copyrights and Masters owned by Stars InVISION LLC. Stars InVISION LLC realize our client’s Editors have their hands full with innumerable tasks, with that in mind; our cues/tracks are consciously designed for quick/easy editing in post-production. If needs for modifications arise; we are always happy to comply. Stems provided.

Stars InVision Music for TV/Film/Games

We are dedicated to our clients and proudly provide quality support throughout the course of any project contracted to us. We continuously go above and beyond in exceeding client’s expectations, composing the most suitable scores/cues for their production/project. Our team is equipped to take on projects of various magnitudes and reputed for our honed ability to deliver on time, without compromising the high-quality service our clients expect and deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us know put your vision, in VISION!


Music for TV/FILM



Stars InVISION is an integrated content development, visual effects and post production house serving the television, film and advertising industries. This division specializes in creating original visual effects content using 2D/3D animation.


Our team consists of a group of highly talented individuals whose passion for creativity comes to life through our projects. The 'unbelievable' will be made 'believable' through a love of cinematic expression with strong attention to detail and realism. Our content has been viewed worldwide, through many different mediums including television, cinema and on the internet.  


We work closely with our clients to deliver the desired effect quickly and at a reasonable cost.  We provide services in all key aspects of CGI production including: animation, modelling, design, simulations and compositing. We use the best software on the market to add depth of field, motion blur and lighting/color correction before exporting the final movie or image into the required format.

Our Services Animation 2D/3D
Our Services Animation 2D/3D
Our Services Animation 2D/3D

Our goal is to not only produce great work, but to be challenged while collaborating with great people. We have a comprehensive understanding of all stages of the production process and the focus and inspiration of our multi-disciplined team allows us to be nimble, versatile and adaptive. We deliver more value in projects than any other animation house!  



If you need voice-overs for your Animation project, look no further! We have the some of the most talented, experienced and unique animated voices you may ever come across. Stars InVISION LLC. proudly boasts of an elite diversified team of Voice-Over talent. Whether your preference is male/female, American, British, African, European or Latin... we got you covered!


Post any Non-disclosures that need to be signed, we will request that you share (in-depth) your thoughts pertaining to the character(s) or send examples; referencing what you envision for your character(s). Once the vision is clearly understood, we will assign the most suitable of our talent(s) to your project. With the provided script, a variety of takes will be recorded within the agreed time frame and submitted to you for review. We persevere until we bring your vision brought to life! 

Stars InVISION Voice Over
Stars InVISION Voice Over


The formatting style that we adopt for screenwriting is the industry standard for television and motion pictures.

Your screenplay is the blueprint for your tv series/film and plays a vital role in the final outcome. Professionals on the set including the producer, director, set designer and actors all execute their roles based on the screenwriter(s) documented vision hence, it is imperative that your vision is translated accurately.

The creation of a successful film/tv series is a collaborative effort and our creative screenwriters bring their respective skill sets to the table, keenly aware of each person's role to ensure the content of the script goes above and beyond to reflect the vision of the client.


Whether it is live action, an animated, short, a romantic comedy, a horror, action, mystery or dramatic film, they all need to be written with a compelling script, that is equally written in the proper format. Our team of writers give birth to glove-fitting dialogues that uniquely narrates your tale.  A script that is well adapted for the screen.​


Are you a writer? Join Our Team!

We believe that rigorous screenplay development is essential to the foundation of great cinema and TV. Our team of writers create the plots that drive great entertainment.

Stars InVISION promotes new talent and we search the globe to find the most inspiring and creative writers out there and we help them showcase that talent. 

If you have what it takes to be a part of our growing team of professional writers, then click here and fill out the form located on the bottom that page

Our Services Screen Writing
Our Services Screen Writing


The first impression means everything in today's business world and our graphic designers, here at Stars InVISION are dedicated to providing comprehensive graphic design services to businesses of all sizes, regardless if you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup.

We take the time to understand your vision and strategically create a unique, marketable and creative graphic design to compliment your business. All at a reasonable price, empowering your brand and ensuring you achieve a great first impression every time!


       Graphic Services We Provide

  • Advertisements
  • Banners
  • Brand Identity – logos, cards etc.
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Infographics
  • Marketing materials
  • Menu design
  • Posters

Our team of graphic designers are ready to help you stand out from your competitors in your industry.

For a free graphic design quote, please click here to submit an inquiry, with as much details as possible and we will get back to promptly.


Photography is a beautiful thing and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here at Stars InVISION LLC., we have taken the time to hand pick the diamonds in the rough.

Our freelancers have the eye that your project requires to achieve the level of creativity that your project deserves. 


In our current day, over 79% of your clients seek their needs (products/services) online. Online presence is now imperative for any business (big or small) in today's day and age to be successful.


People like to research good deals/compare prices/reviews, from the comfort of their laptop or cell phone.  If you do not establish an online presence, you automatically eliminate 79% or more of your clientele. Regardless of the industry you're in, you cannot make substantial profit without online presence and by the way, a Facebook page is not good enough. You need to establish your own entity!


The good news is... We can help you with that and you don't have to lift a finger! We can handle the process, from conception to the fruition and it doesn't stop there. We also provide Hosting and support services so, you don’t have to deal with the technical aspect of your online business and focus on what your love most... your business!

     Services Provided

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
  • Website Maintenance, Hosting & Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Identity
  • Lead Generation
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Optimized)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copyrighting​

We will create a unique website that will not only look fabulous, but goes above and beyond to meet the needs of both you and your target audience. 

Your goals are important to us, and we work with you to create the perfect design for every need.


For a free web design quote, please click here to submit an inquiry, with as much details as possible and we will get back to you shortly!

3d illustration of web construction symbol with wrench and screwdriver


Stars InVISION LLC. has aligned itself with two (of what we consider to be) top of the line consulting firms that specialize in Project management, with extensive years of experience and internationally recognized certifications to back it up. 

If your project requires detailed attention and hands-on management, needs to stay within a certain budget, meet/beat deadlines, develop strategic plan to overcome foreseen and unforeseen challenges; then you will need to click below the button to answer a few questions that will assist us in aligning you with the right consulting firm. 

With our reference; rest assured you will get a very fair quote and we are confident you will be elated with the final outcome of your project.









Stars InVISION LLC prides itself on originality and therefore respects the intellectual property of others.

We do not condone plagiarism nor copyright infringement. Please understand that you are liable to be sued to the full extent of the law, if such unethical behavior is detected. So please only individuals that are confident in their ability to constantly deliver original work need apply.

If a unanimous decision is reached to add you to our team, you will be required to sign a contract, stating any work you submit to Stars InVISION LLC is original.

Plagiarism is not condoned.

“There are so many talented people across the globe! Most of them go unnoticed. Our goal is to find those stars and put their talent in VISION.”

- Franklin Orgor.


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